Region V Systems: Promoting Comprehensive Partnerships in Behavioral Health

14 Behavioral Health Providers in SE Nebraska

The Issue

Region V Systems mission is to encourage and support the provision of a full range of mental health, alcoholism, and drug abuse programs and services to youth and adults through 14 providers in Southeast Nebraska.

  • Region V Systems faced obstacles in efficiently collecting, reporting, and utilizing data from their behavioral health providers.
  • Additional data collection needed to help them transition to value based care and population health initiatives.
  • Needed advanced real-time business intelligence solution to track key metrics to make data driven decisions.
  • Minimal flexibility. low data integration capability, and limited business intelligence within their existing system to meet current and future needs of the Region.


Business Goals of the Application

  • Integration of data from providers EMR and Nebraska State CDS system.
  • Eliminate manual dual entry of data.
  • Provide web data entry access for those without EMR.
  • Simplify provider and regional user workflows.
  • Data aggregation of additional data sets for population health and tracking of outcome measures.
  • Eliminate Manual Extended Data Points Collection process: Outcome Measures, Assessments, Clusters, Flex Funds, etc.
  • Add Non State Funded Encounter Data
  • Provide Self Service Reporting, Dashboards, and Analytic tools to Regional Admins and providers on data submitted.

Solution:  COMPASS Data Management & Analytics across Region V Systems

  • Integration of 14 providers with 5 different EMRs.
  • Aggregation of outcome measures & population health data.
  • Benchmark services across providers in Region.
  • Provide web data entry access for those without EMR.
  • Interactive Dashboards with drill-down capability for tracking key areas: NOMS, Services, Activity, Readmissions, and  Network Measures.
  • Self-Service Reports, Dashboards, & Analytics for additional data discovery including assessments, NOMS, CGAS, flex funds and service utilization trends.



  • Integration capability for encounter records from all providers.
  • Elimination of manual data collection and report building.
  • 50% of cost of previous system with 2X the capability.
  • Streamlined data reporting process from days to hours.
  • Ability to monitor key metrics to make data driven decisions.
  • Provided Self-Service Analytics & Intuitive Reporting tools for non technical staff and access of solution to providers in Region.
  • Flexibility of platform to meet Region V Systems’ future needs.