A cloud-based Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) solution for healthcare organizations.

COMPASS integrates critical medical, behavioral health, claims, and health status data points from EHRs and other systems to create a 360 degree whole person view of healthcare consumers.  COMPASS turns this data to intelligence through a sophisticated business intelligence tool for measuring and reporting outcomes.

Real Time Data
View key performance metrics today rather than weeks or months later.
Maximize Value Based Care Incentives
Monitor metrics to increase quality and reduce cost.
Data at Your Fingertips
Quickly and easily access, analyze, and share your data to other users.
Single Source of Truth for Data
Integrate multiple disparate data silos to view entire picture and gain insight across the healthcare organization.
Improve Efficiency
Increase production by eliminating manual data collection and manipulation.
Improve Data Accuracy
Leverage data cleansing, standardization, management with customizable business rules.
Health Analytics
Measure and monitor key metrics for value base care, quality, operations, financial, cost, and utilization.
Easily connect to any EHR or Data Silo with our cloud-based data integration engine.
Data Warehouse
Improve your data's quality and consistency with optimal data cleansing, standardization and storage.
Population Health
Effectively identify and manage patient populations utilizing predictive care indicators.


COMPASS is comprehensive Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) designed to turn your disparate healthcare data into intelligence. The all-in-one COMPASS platform contains a Data Integration Engine, Data Warehouse, Business Intelligence Tools, and Application interfaces.

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