Gain powerful insights with by leveraging an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

  • Aggregate all data silos into an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to cleanse, manage, apply business rules to data, and standardize the data models.
  • COMPASS becomes a “single source of truth” for your healthcare system.
  • Built on leading edge technology Microsoft Enterprise SQL Server
  • Segmente your production data from your analytical data enables increase efficiencies when performing data dashboards, reporting, and analysis.
  • EDW enables reliable and repeatable Health Analytics across the healthcare organization providing health analytics for population health, value based care, risk management, behavioral health and financial projecting.
  • The COMPASS Data stores contain relational data in third normal form.  The format is optimized for create, read, update and delete (CRUD) operations.  These databases are used by the web front-end and ETL processes to store and retrieve the operational data associated with the COMPASS solutions which includes product specific, module specific, and client specific data stores that are used to store transactional data.