Turn your data into intelligence with visualizations, interactive dashboards, predictive analytics and self service resources

Easily identify population trends, high risks, quality improvements, and cost savings for your healthcare organization.

❶ Business Intelligence

Healthcare Data at your fingertips.

Interactive Dashboards
Healthcare dashboards to drill down into key performance metrics.
Measure success against national standards.
Predictive Analytics
Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends.
Self Service Tools
Easily select data and create your own analysis, dashboards, and reports.
Schedule and Share
Schedule reports to auto-run or quickly share analytics / dashboards with other users

❷ Population Health

Effectively Identify and Manage Patient Populations

As the healthcare industry transitions to Value Based Care (VBC) initiatives, population health analytics become critical to identify opportunities for performance improved.

Predictive analytics and gain insight into each population’s high risk patients.
Proactively identify patients by medical condition
Measure outcomes for Value Based Care (VBC) initiatives.
Track key performance indicators across the treatment.

❸ Self Service Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards

Empower Your Users

Never be held hostage by your data system again.  Flexible and easy to use self service tools enable the novice user to create dashboard, visualizations and custom reports with 4 simple steps.

Select Data
Self Service Reporting tool enables quick and intuitive access/manipulation to all of your data.
Create Analysis
Create analysis with easy filters and pre-built calculations..
Select visualizations for your analysis (bar, line, pie, scatter plot, heat map, gauges, stacked, etc)
Organize and Share your analysis, dashboards and reports with others in the organization
Schedule reports to automatically run and email based on specific hour, frequency, day and time

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