Business Intelligence – Easily Monitor Key Metrics to Improve Healthcare Performance

  • Track patient episode of care across the organization.
  • Benchmark success against national standards.
  • Utilize interactive dashboards with drill down capability (Executive, Population Health, Priority Populations, Risk, Financial).
  • Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends.
  • Add key operational data analysis (staffing, payer mix, etc).admissions

Population Health – Effectively Identify and Manage Patient Populations

  • Monitor analytics and gain insight into each population’s performance.
  • Proactively identify patients by medical condition (COPD, HWR, AMI, HF, Pn, TKA)
  • Measure outcomes for Value Based Care (VBC) initiatives.
  • Track key performance indicators across the treatment.

Self Service Reporting, Analytics and Dashboards – Empower Your Users

  • Self Service Reporting tool enables quick and intuitive access/manipulation to all of your data.
  • Select and combine data models for your analysis.
  • Create visualizations (bar, line, pie, scatter plot, heat map, gauges, stacked, etc)  for dashboards or report
  • Organize and Share your user specific dashboards and reports with others in the organization
  • Schedule reports to automatically run and email based on specific hour, frequency, day and time.self-service-reporting