care_newData integration is the key for population health, value based care and patient centered healthcare.  Leverage the power or data that resides throughout your healthcare organization by integrate your systems with our integration engine.

Let H4T do the heavy lifting for you so you can focus on your patients!

H4 Technology has over 20 years experience in healthcare data integration.  Our proprietary data integration model interfaces data from EMR’s, practice management systems, financial, laboratory, claims, outcomes and other data silos to the data warehouse for a complete view of provider and patient activity and history across a care continuum.


  • Healthcare Integration standards including HL7, FHIR, JSON, CCDA, additional Web Services, and flat file integration.
  • Master Patient Index to identify and match patient records with scoring algorithm.
  • Vendor Neutral integration framework to digest your data.
  • COMPASS Open API to integrate with outside systems.