Nebraska Department of Behavioral Health

$70,000 savings realized per month by using COMPASS

- Division Director DBH
  • 6 Regional Authorities
  • 85 Behavioral Health Providers
  • 750+ Users
The Issue
The State of Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) faced obstacles in efficiently collecting, organizing, accessing and analyzing data from behavioral health Regions and providers within the State.
  1. Labor intensive data collection and reporting process.
  2. Manual and time consuming authorization of service process for providers.
  3. Minimal data access and business intelligence solution to track key metrics needed to make data driven decisions.
  4. Low data integration capability within their existing system to meet current and future needs of the Region.

Business Goals

The Nebraska Department of Behavioral Health needed a single solution to manage and track services and utilization of consumers seeking state funded behavioral health services.
  • Provide a single source of truth for behavioral health data
  • Eliminate manual data collection, reporting and dual entry processing
  • Automate the manual authorization of services with advanced questionnaires and business rules
  • Reduce duplication of payments with medicaid eligibility checks
  • Provide web data entry access for those without EMR
  • Provide more flexible integration infrastructure for providers and other state entities
  • Simplify provider and regional user workflows
  • Utilize dashboards to quickly and easily obtain critical statewide information based on predefined, measurable outcomes. providers
  • Automate NOMS and SAMHSA reporting.
  • Solution – COMPASS Data Management & Analytics Solution
  • Integration Engine eliminating data silos and provider interoperability.
  • Data Warehouse to improve data quality and consistency.
  • Business Intelligence tool with interactive dashboards, reports, and analytics.
  • Application Modules for Authorizations, Wait List, Capacity, Billing, Medicaid Eligibility, etc.

The Results

Cost Savings
Realized a ROI in 2 years with a $70,000 per month savings from operational efficiencies.
Performance Boost
Improved monitoring of State and Federal fiscal/clinical performance data.
Automated Process
Eliminated manual data collection and report building process.
Increased Productivity
Automatically authorized services based on intake questionnaire.
Increased Efficiency
NOMS, TEDS, Block Grant, and other SAMHSA reports produced automatically.

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