H4I – Innovate.Invent.Ideas.Inspire.


H4I is our innovative workshop for our staff to collaborate and bring new ideas to the team.   Anyone and everyone with an idea is able to use the team as a sounding board for the idea and see if it passes the “sniff” test.  If it does, the H4 team will use its resources to put together market research, IT Design, and business plan to make it a success.

If you have an idea, here is your chance to partner with H4 to bring your idea to life.  Please contact us for more information at craig@h4-technology.com

Our initial H4I project (code name “Bumblebee”) was our first project outside of COMPASS and is centered around health information transparency.  This H4 idea was the inspiration of our President, Chris Henkenius and is set to debut at HIMSS Conference in April of 2015.