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2019 Year in Review

Thanks to our amazing customers and employees, it’s been another record year at H4 Technology.  In looking back over the past 5 years, it is remarkable what we have accomplished.  Realizing 40% annual growth, fueled by a per user fee pricing model, is putting H4T on the map in direct competition with the biggest names in the industry.  As Tony says, “We are cooking with gas now!”

In 2019 H4 Technology:

  • Deployed a new per user license model, eliminating cost barriers from small and medium sized organizations to realize the benefits of COMPASS.
  • Launched an expanded Claim Analytics Product Suite allowing our customers to understand and improve their reimbursements.
  • Grew user base to over 2,500 users of our COMPASS product.
  • Launched a new Market Analysis & Pricing Guide solution in partnership with the Nebraska Hospital Association for member hospitals.
  • Partnered with eProvider Solutions to develop innovative tools for claims denial management.
  • Joined NHA Services to expand our solutions to the member hospitals.
  • Participated in 15 healthcare conferences/industry events.

From our modest beginnings in the refurbished garage of a bank to the enterprise solution utilized by state governments, critical access hospitals, and provider clinics our growth has been nothing less than a spectacular.  Our growth exemplifies the hard work that our team has put in and the belief of what we are doing is helping our clients achieve their missions.

Continuous Improvement

It is a new decade and that brings new features and solutions.  Here is a few of the things we have already been working on for 2020:

  • Consumer-based assessment/survey capability via text and email
  • System of Care – Collaborative Care Module
  • New Claim Reconciliation Analytics Module
  • Developing Accountable Care Organization (ACO) Module
  • Expanding Predictive Analytics Capability
  • Modularizing COMPASS Product offering enabling providers to pick and choose what they what to use now and expand with in the future

We can’t wait to continue the growth of the people, customers, company, services and products in 2020!

Cheers and Happy New Year!

Craig Christenson
H4 Technology

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