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2020 Year in Review: A Year of Gratitude

Another year down but this one is not like the others. When we look back in 10 or 20 years, what we have experience in 2020 is going down in the history books.

From the pandemic came many new changes: the shift in remote workforce, move to online education, new work life balance challenges, the social isolation and social distancing. This fundamentally changed the world we live in 10 month ago. Out of the chaos and negative outlook, at the end of the year, I came out of this with optimism and a positive mindset for 2021.  How could this be?

Easy. Gratitude.

I am thankful for all that is in my life. Work, Employees, Family, Friends and Health.

First off, H4 Technology wouldn’t be where it is today without the tireless efforts of our employees. Looking back over 2020 our employees stepped up and took on new challenges and the everchanging roles, projects, and priorities. They took the switch to remote working very gracefully and we were blessed to test out days of remote working pre-pandemic as a part of our disaster recovery plan. This enabled us to work through some kinks prior to diving into full remote work in April which made the transition easier.

Clients are truly what drives our company. We have expanded our client base into new states like Indiana, Pennsylvania, Texas and Oregon with the help of new partnerships. By addressing innovative client needs our solution set keeps growing to now include social determinants of health, financial intelligence, claims reconciliation, aged trail balance as well as consumer communication via text and email.

H4 Technology emerges out of 2020 with sustainable growth year over year. Considering all that happened this year and comparing other industries, this is huge success.  Out of the chaos, came time to focus on truly what maters at home and work. This renewed viewpoint has helped us remove the distractions, leverage the positive and minimize the negative.


So, raise a glass to 2021!   I do not know what the new year may bring, but I do know we enter the year more prepared and more grateful for all that we have experienced in 2020.



Craig Christenson
H4 Technology
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