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H4 Technology Partners with eProvider Solutions

Will Offer Advanced Claims Data Analytics

Omaha – May 15, 2019 – H4 Technology has announced that it has partnered with a leading claims clearinghouse supplier, eProvider Solutions, to provide advanced claims data management and analytical services to client partners.

“We are very excited to partner with eProvider Solutions to offer an advance claims data management, analytics, and reporting solution,” said Craig Christenson, co-founder of H4 Technology.  “Claims data management is extremely important as it directly effects healthcare organization’s cash flow.  Proactively managing denials, time to pay, payer mix and contractual allowances enables healthcare organizations to know where they stand today and areas they need to improve for the future.”

“eProvider Solutions has been a leader of integrity, technology and customer service in the clearinghouse industry, “said BJ Dvorak, President of eProvider Solutions, “by partnering with H4 Technology, we are continuing to innovate and provide solutions that bring additional insight and value to our clients.”

H4 Technology and eProvider Solutions joint solution enhances the claims analytic capabilities for clients across the country.  eProvider Solutions claims data will be integrated and stored for analytics to H4 Technology’s HIPAA compliant COMPASS data management system.   Client partner facilities will have online
access to their data through intuitive dashboards on denials, time to paid, payer mix, etc. as well as self-service reporting capabilities to slice and dice the
data how they see fit.

About eProvider Solutions

eProvider Solutions sees itself as so much more than a clearinghouse.  We are a company that stands in the gap – bridging over the technical complexities and compliance issues to unite providers with their payers and their patients.  eProvider Solutions has a reputation for honesty and integrity, dedication to character and customer support, and is committed to establishing relationships, and conduction business from a position of high ethical standards.

Having decades of experience in health care operations and management, the founders of eProvider Solutions built a team of motivated and seasoned professionals with a diverse background in the healthcare industry.  We continue to add to our team and our services to provide practical solutions to the ever-changing obstacles
our providers face in this industry.

About H4 Technology

H4 Technology ( empowers health care organizations to efficiently manage, integrate and analyze their data through the industry’s
premier single-source data management, integration, and analytics platform, COMPASS. A Nebraska based company, H4 Technology has worked with more than 10 states and numerous hospitals, ACOs, HIEs, and behavioral health organizations in furtherance of their health information technology efforts.

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