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Turn Your Healthcare Data into Intelligence

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H4 Technology provides software and services to the healthcare industry to reduce cost, increase revenue, and improve cash flow.   Three products that work together to turn your data into information! 

  • Our COMPASS Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) data infrastructure enables users to combine data from Claims, Financial, EMRs and other disparate systems to a single data warehouse.
  • Our eobee claims analytics product allows users to deep dive into their Revenue Cycle process to reduce denials, improve cash flow, and track progress on key workflow initiatives.  Professional Services are also available to work denials, appeal claims, train, and consult, all to improve your revenue cycle performance.
  • Our SDoH encounter management suite provides to tracking and trending key social, economic, and environmental data across a spectrum of services.  

The H4 Technology team has more than 50 years of combined experience integrating, transforming, storing, and analyzing data from healthcare systems.  Each team member brings extensive health data experience and clearly understand the pain providers go through in working with their own data.

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Our Number One-Rated Embedded Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Dashboards

Healthcare dashboards that allow users to drill down to review key performance metrics.

Benchmarking Capabilities

Measure success against national standards.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends.

Self-Service Tools

Easily select data and create your own analysis, dashboards and reports.

Schedule and Share

Schedule reports to auto-run or quickly share analytics/dashboards with other users.

COMPASS is a number one-rated embedded business intelligence tool according to Dresner Advisory Services.

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