Our advisory team speaks on a variety of topics across the nation in addition to leading revenue cycle education. For more information, on how you can attend one of our events or request an in-person or remote event of your own, please contact us at


  • 4/12            Practice Management Institute (PMI) – Front Desk Success [Closed for Registrants]
  • 4/25-4/26   HePS RCM Success [Portland, OR]
  • 5/23           Tips & Techniques for Managing Denials [Registration Link]
  • 6/7             Optimizing the Patient Experience & Front Desk Success [Lincoln, NE]
  • 6/6 – 6/8    MGMA – Moving Healthcare Forward [Registration Link] Digital Event
  • 10/22-25    MGMA Leaders Conference, Nashville, TN [Link coming]

January 2022

  • 14th "No Surprises Act"
  • 25th "CMS PFS Final Rule Review CY 2022"

February 2022

  • 9th - 10th "No Surprises Act"
  • 24th "Revenue Cycle Management Certificate Course" (32 Hours) 

March 2022

  • 3rd "Denial Management and A/R Optimization" 
  • 31st "Develop Your Strategic RCM Workplan"

April 2022

  • 1st "Integration of New Compliance Regulations Into Your Financial Model" 
  • 14th "Doing More with More – Leaning on External Resources in the Revenue Cycle"
  • 19th "Denial Management and A/R Optimization" 
  • 27th "Telehealth Reimbursement and Workflow Pro-Tip" 

May 2022

  • 4th "Enhancing Revenue Cycle Management by Leveraging Technology and Internal Assessments"
  • 5th "An Inside Overview of Key Regulations that Keep Healthcare Leaders Up at Night" 
  • 5th "Fee Schedule Oversight and Evaluation Tactics with Your Bottom Line in Mind"
  • 5th "Sustaining a Hybrid Telehealth Model Long-Term" 
  • 12th "Enhance RCM Efficiency" 
  • 12th "Optimizing Telehealth in Your Practice"
  • 12th "Stop Paying Virtual Credit Card Fees"
  • 12th "Taming & Innovating the Revenue Cycle" 
  • 12th "Yes, You Have What It Takes To Lead Your Practice And Your Profession" 
  • 19th "Grouping Denial Codes to Protect Your Practice’s Bottom Line"
  • 21st "No Surprises Act"
  • 24th "Leveraging the HIE's Technical Assistance for MIPS Attestation" 
  • 25th "HR Management after COVID-19: Reconstructing the Private Practice HR Infrastructure"


  • 2nd "Billing for Advance Practice Providers" 
  • 2nd "Bridging the Gap Between Clinical Documentation and Coding" 
  • 8th "Automation Enhancements for RCM Excellence" 
  • 21st "Revisiting Practice Management Compliance" 
  • 27th "Topic TBD" 


  • 12th "Preparing for the End of the PHE" 
  • 14th "CURES Act Compliance Strategies" 


  • 2nd "Proposed CMS PFS Rule CY 2023" 


  • 8th "Topic TBD" 
  • 20th "Payer Contracting Tips & Best Practice"


  • 6th "Topic TBD"
  • 9th "Develop Your Strategic RCM Workplan" 
  • 10th "Stop Creating Challenges for Your Revenue Cycle and the Patient Experience"


  • 15th "Preparing for 2023 (The CY 2023 CMS PFS Final Rule Review"
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