Be Curious

Be Curious, Not Judgmental.    Ted Lasso


Contrary to the scene in Ted Lasso, Walt Whitman did not actually pen those words.  It did make for a great scene though.  In reflection, can curiosity positively impact the work of our front-line workers, managers, and executives?  It can if you follow 4 simple steps:

  1. Ignore how it was previously done, or what you think you know.
  2. Recognize that you may not be 3 steps ahead, but rather 2 steps behind. See the whole picture and not what is in front of you.
  3. The cruise ship versus the speedboat: Does bigger and older equate to better?
  4. Pivot! Don’t be afraid to say, “Well that didn’t work”.

In 2021 we got curious at H4T.  We asked questions and the answer was clear:  Hospitals and healthcare organizations were STILL relying on their payor portals, EMRs, and excel worksheets to handle their RCM activities.   They were old and steady, but could not be customized, and left little room for curiosity.   So, we revamped our offering.   eobee® was re-worked to offer predictive analytics, advisory consulting, and denials management in one efficient and user-friendly suite.   The results?  Hancock Memorial decreased denials 40% in 6 months, and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals decreased average days from DOS to Adjudication by 16 days!!!  These organizations had the forethought to be curious and were rewarded!

Chase Francl, a behavioral health client of ours also got curious.  He asked, “how can we track the outcomes of our work and give our clients a way to ask for more help?”.  In turning to our COMPASS SDoH product, he was able to assess clients at the conclusion of treatment, and schedule regular assessments via email and text, even rewarding clients with a gift card for every assessment completed.  Chase’s curiosity has resulted in a treasure trove of data to improve outcomes.

It is hard to recognize H4T 2023 compared to two years ago.  Q1 was our best quarter ever with 5,263% growth from 2022, and Q2  is already exceeding Q1 to date.   Our client portfolio is growing as well as growth with our existing clients, providing opportunities in our organization in leadership and development staff.  We have expanded our partnership with Indiana Hospital Association and are increasing our partner network in 2023.

If you are curious, there is plenty of room for you.   Whether SDoH or RCM, come see what we have to offer and how we can free you from the ordinary.   


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