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SDoH Facts

Social Determinants of Health or SDOH has become a buzzword in the healthcare industry, and for very valid and impactful reasons. The basic components of SDOH include: economic stability, access to education, access to quality healthcare, neighborhood and environment, and social context. At its core, SDOH recognizes the fundamental truth that we are all the...

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The Public Health Emergency has Been Extended… For Now

The Public Health Emergency (PHE) was officially extended on April 15,2021 prior to its set expiration date of 4/21/21. The renewal, in alignment with statute, covers a 90-day period and though there have been discussions around the hill about it potentially being extended through 2021 we just don’t know that yet. Here’s what we do...

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E/M Changes Generated in March 2021 for January 2021

By Shawntea (Taya) Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM, EMBA We had to wait so this wasn’t posted on April Fool’s day, but we almost didn’t believe it ourselves. More E/M documentation changes, but with a spring surprise… these changes are retroactive to January 1, 2021. Maybe you’re already groaning but maybe you’re just hearing this now, either...

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Transition to Value Based Care (VBC) in Behavioral Health

Health care payers are increasingly shifting away from fee-for-service payment systems to Value-Based Payment (VBP) models that incentivize high-quality, cost-effective care. While increased access to and coordination of behavioral health services is a policy priority for federal and state policymakers, the manner in which a behavioral health system engages in a Value-Based Care solution is not...

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