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Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) for Value-Based Care Initiatives

Healthcare organizations have a data issue.  They have been inundated with electronic data systems for each and every care setting.  Most hospitals we have met with operate at least 3 different data  systems for tracking patient data not even counting additional data systems for their operations.  From the inpatient hospital setting, to emergency rooms, to clinics, to specialties, to lab, to home health, to behavioral health, and to patient surveys, all  these systems all have been purchased to meet an organizations need since each care setting requires unique workflow, business rules, and data point priorities.

With the Value Based Care (VBC) initiatives as a part of Medicare contracting, Quality Directors and IT staff are now trying to figure out how to track patients across their care continuum and report outcomes.  Manual data manipulation and using excel spreadsheets is a time consuming, labor intensive, costly, and short-term band aid solution to these ever-growing issues.

Developing an internal solution is hard to accomplish is a timely fashion as well since Healthcare IT departments have competing project priorities for the year, need to procure multiple solutions as hope they all integrate, and are understaffed with current duties so they don’t have the time or people to spend on developing, testing, maintaining and updating another system.

H4 Technology launched it’s COMPASS Data Management as a Service (DMaaS) platform to solve this issue.  With COMPASS, healthcare organizations utilize our robust data integration engine to combine their data silos to a common platform, leverage our enterprise data warehouse for HIPAA compliancy and data standardization, and customize our Health Analytics Dashboards so all KPIs and data are available in real time.   All of this integrated infrastructure is available for healthcare organization in one monthly service offering to instantly add value and return an ROI to your organization within 2 years.  Learn how we have helped other healthcare companies improve their efficiencies and maximize value-based initiatives by visiting

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