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H4 Technology Partners with Paramount Management Group

H4T to Provide ACO Analytics and Data Management Services

H4 Technology has announced that it has partnered with Paramount Management Group (PMG) to provide Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) decision support, analytic, and data management solutions paired with management services with a focus to improve outcomes, lower cost and mitigate downside risk.

At the beginning of the year, Clarkson Regional Health Services joined Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska in a partnership with Think Whole Person Healthcare. Paramount Management Group is a subsidiary of Clarkson Regional Health Services designed to take the best practices out of their health system and bring those to market. For more information on this partnership, please visit LiveWell Omaha’s newsroom.

“H4T is very excited to partner with Paramount Management Group (PMG) to offer Accountable Care Organizations a complete solution,” said Chris Henkenius, co-founder of H4 Technology. “Think Whole Person Healthcare is a national ACO leader and their expertise over the last 5 years needs to be shared with other healthcare providers entering in value-based contracting.”

“Think Whole Person Healthcare has been a positive disruptive force and created real value, “said Bill Dinsmoor, Managing Director of Paramount Management Group, “By partnering with H4 Technology, we are continuing to innovate and provide clients an ACO roadmap to improve outcomes and maximize their value-based contracts.”

H4 Technology and PMG’s solution enhances the ACO capabilities for clients across the country. H4T will integrate providers EMR and claims data then cleanse and store it for analytics in H4 Technology’s HIPAA compliant COMPASS data management system. ACO partner facilities will have online access to their data metrics through intuitive dashboards with drill down capability and comparative benchmarks across national standards.

About Paramount Management Group

“Paramount Management Group was created to better care for patient populations and reduce administrative burden. In an ever-increasing world of healthcare fragmentation, PMG brings relevant actionable insight to maximize value for our clients.”

About H4 Technology

H4 Technology ( empowers health care organizations to efficiently manage, integrate and analyze their data through the industry’s premier single-source data management, integration, and analytics platform, COMPASS. A Nebraska based company, H4 Technology has worked with more than 10 states and numerous hospitals, ACOs, HIEs, and behavioral health organizations in furtherance of their health information technology efforts.

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