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Health ePractices Partners with H4T for Claims Analytics

Omaha, NE – November 5th, 2020 – H4 Technology has announced that it has partnered with a leading claims revenue cycle management company, Health e Practices, to jointly provide advanced claims data management and analytical services to client partners.

“We are very excited to partner with Health e Practices to jointly offer an advanced claims data management, analytics, and reporting solution,” said Craig Christenson, co-founder of H4 Technology. “Claims data management is extremely important as it directly effects healthcare organizations’ cash flow.  Proactively managing denials, time to pay, and payer mix enables healthcare organizations to know where they stand today and areas they need to improve for the future.”

“We constantly seek to improve timely and optimal claims reimbursement for our clients, said Jill Arena, Managing Partner of Health e Practices. That’s why we are so excited to have found the tip-of-the-spear solution for claims data and denials management, high-value analytics and detailed reporting offered by H4 Technology’s COMPASS system. We look forward to partnering with H4 Technology in providing top-level reimbursement maximization for healthcare organizations across the U.S.”

H4 Technology and Health e Practices solution enhances the revenue cycle management, consulting and claims analytic capabilities for clients across the country.  Health e Practices clients claims data will be integrated and stored for analytics to H4 Technology’s HIPAA compliant COMPASS data management system.  Client partner facilities will have online access to their data through intuitive dashboards on denials, time to paid, payer mix, as well as self-service reporting capabilities to slice and dice the data how they see fit.

About Health e Practices

Health e Practices provides consulting and revenue cycle services and serves as a backstop support team to independent healthcare practices of all sizes and specialties throughout the U.S. Our name reflects our mission and our focus: supporting and enabling financially sound, “healthy practices” to serve their own mission and societal good – keeping people as healthy as possible while providing great healthcare for those who are challenged by illness, injury, chronic conditions and other health problems. For more information, visit

About H4 Technology

H4 Technology empowers health care organizations to efficiently manage, integrate and analyze their data through the industry’s premier single-source data management, integration, and analytics platform, COMPASS. H4 Technology has worked with more than 10 states and numerous hospitals, ACOs, HIEs, and behavioral health organizations in furtherance of their health information technology efforts. To learn more, visit

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