IHA Endorses H4T

Indiana Hospital Association Endorses H4 Technology As a Business Partner!

See all the details here!

Building upon a 3-year mutually-beneficial partnership, IHA and H4T have formalized their relationship under IHA’s Endorsed Business Partner program.  This endorsement provides significant value to IHA members in a number of way:

  1. Discounted access to industry-leading RCM predictive analytics technology
  2. Access to nationally-recognized RCM subject matter experts
  3. Enhanced advocacy support by IHA through their internal use of the eobee product suite

IHA and H4T will be reaching out to all members in the weeks to come to share details on the product and discuss the value propositions.  If you are a member and would like to hear from us sooner rather than later, see our member page here for contact information and additional details!

H4T serves hospital and healthcare organizations across the country, helping increase revenue, decrease cost, relieve workforce pressures, and improve cashflow.   The unique combination of technology and advisory services offers significant ROI with little risk or upfront expense.  Contact Jodi@h4-technology.com to learn more!

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