State & Federal

Powerful Benefits for State & Federal Agencies

COMPASS consists of an integration engine to consolidate and cleanse data, a web interface to enter data, a data warehouse to store the data, and a visibility tool to access and use the data that proves invaluable for state and federal agencies and the members they serve.

  • Improve Data Quality and Consistency with Data Standardization
  • Empower Users with Real time Data Access
  • Eliminate manual data collection, reporting, an dual data entry with integration
  • Automatically Authorize Services with Configurable Business Rules
  • Simplify the Provider and Agency User Workflows
  • Integrated Modules (Wait List, Capacity, Authorizations, Assessments, Billing, & Care Coordination)
  • Reduce Unnecessary Services with Medicaid Eligibility
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) enabled
  • Automate State and Federal Reporting requirements including SAMHSA
  • Reporting Examples: National Outcome Measures (NOMS), Block Grant, TEDS, etc

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