Region V Systems: A Case Study

How Region V Systems Solved Its Data Integration Challenges Using H4T's COMPASS Solution

COMPASS Helps Organization Analyze Data in Real-Time to Drive Strategic Decisions

About Region V Systems

Region V Systems mission is to encourage and support the provision of a full range of mental health, alcoholism, and drug abuse programs and services to youth and adults through 14 providers in Southeast Nebraska.

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Need for Real-Time Data to Measure, Analyze and Make Data-Driven Decisions to Gauge Network Performance

  • Data Integration of EMRs and State Central Data System
  • Capture non-state funded encounters for broader picture of continuity of care
  • Assessments and import tools for managing population health
  • Ability to benchmark services across providers
  • Real-Time Interactive Dashboards for population health, outcomes, services, utilization, and readmissions

Business Challenges

  1. Region V Systems faced obstacles in efficiently collecting, reporting, and utilizing data from their behavioral health providers.
  2. Additional data collection processes were needed to help them transition to value based care and population health initiatives.
  3. Region V needed advanced real-time business intelligence solution to track key metrics to make data driven decisions.
  4. Their current system had minimal flexibility, low data integration capability, and limited business intelligence function to meet current and future needs of the Region.

Business Goals

Region V Systems wanted their own data management and business intelligence system to aggregate consumer information across the network from state funded and non-state funded consumers to make data driven decisions about population health, services, outcomes, funding, and utilization.

  • Integration of data from providers EMR and Nebraska State CDS system.
  • Eliminate manual dual entry of data.
  • Provide web data entry access for those without EMR.
  • Simplify provider and regional user workflows.
  • Data aggregation of additional data sets for population health and tracking of outcome measures.
  • Eliminate Manual Extended Data Points Collection process: Outcome Measures, Assessments, Clusters, Flex Funds, etc.
  • Add Non State Funded Encounter Data
    Provide Self Service Reporting, Dashboards, and Analytic tools to Regional Admins and providers on data submitted.

The Results

The COMPASS system streamlined Region V’s ability to collect and analyze data across the regional while saving time and money from operational decisions. COMPASS provided the insights Region V Administration needed to track, measure, and compare providers, services, utilization and outcomes across the Region. Additionally, population health (cluster based planning), assessments and flex funds data reporting processes were consolidated to COMPASS to alleviate the need for additional additional data silos. All data is now available at the administration teams fingertips and to the providers to make real-time data driven decisions.


Integration capability for encounter records from all providers.

Performance Boost

Elimination of manual data collection and report building.

Cost Savings

50% of cost of previous system with 2X the capability.

Increased Productivity

Streamlined data reporting process from days to hours.


Ability to monitor key metrics to make data driven decisions.


Provided Self-Service Analytics & Intuitive Reporting tools for non-technical staff and access of solution to providers in Region.

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