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MyVitalz™ and H4 Technology Partner for Remote Patient Monitoring & EMR Integration

Omaha – Oct. 19, 2018 – H4 Technology has announced that it has further strengthened the data integration capability for MyVitalz™, a cloud-based in-home medical monitoring solution provider that improves care and reduces costs.

“The healthcare industry has historically created data silos throughout the healthcare system,” said Chris Henkenius, founder and CEO, H4 Technology. “H4 Technology provides data management, integration, and analytics services to the healthcare industry and by partnering with MyVitaltz™, their remote patient monitoring data can be instantly integrated back to the EMR to provide a more streamlined solution and immediately impact patient care.”

“As an increasing number of hospitals, clinics and home health agencies seek to utilize our technology to reduce costs by treating patients at home.  Data silos within a healthcare system can become an issue since data isn’t easily accessible to the patient or provider,” said Justus Decher, president, MyVitalz™. “Now the MyVitalz remote patient monitoring data can be accessed within an EMR or anywhere else throughout the healthcare system.”

H4 Technology provides MyVitalz enhanced data integration capability to integrate remote patient monitoring data from the MyVitalz™ platform into a client’s Electronic Medical Record (EMR) by deconstructing HL7, CCDA, and FHIR messages into discrete data elements to be consumed and combined with MyVitalz remote patient data.  Then a complete message is created and sent back to the client’s EMR.

About MyVitalz™

MyVitalz™ is a IoMT (Internet of Medical Things) company and certified Qualcomm Life 2net integrator. MyVitalz™ collects biometric health data from patients at home using Bluetooth medical devices and a 3G/BTLE cellular Hub that transmits the data in near real
time to our secure Armor cloud. Once the data (blood pressure, heart rate, weight, oxygen, blood glucose and respiratory) reaches the MyVitalz™ cloud it becomes immediately available to the entire care team. Charts, graphs and historical readings assist the care team with decision-making and help improve patient outcomes and care.

About H4 Technology

H4 Technology ( H4 Technology empowers healthcare organizations to efficiently manage, integrate and analyze their data through
the industry’s premier single-source data management, integration, and analytics platform, COMPASS.  A Nebraska based company, H4 Technology has worked with more than 10 states and numerous hospitals, ACOs, HIEs, and Behavioral Health organizations in furtherance of their HIT efforts.

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