NHIS System

Nebraska Hospital Information System (NHIS)

NHIS is a powerful web based tool enabling member hospitals to further interact and engage with NHA claims data. Users are able to slice and dice their claims data by a wide variety of field-level variables to create user-defined dashboards and reports.

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Analyze provider, procedure and/or payer in a user-defined market area.

Define up to three market areas per user by county or ZIP Code combinations.

Analyze CPT codes charges and compare against peer groups (Rural/Urban, CAH, CMI<1.5, Region).

Slice and dice the data for your own use case. Share your analysis, dashboards and exports with others.

Video Resources for NHIS Members

NHIS Overview

NHIS Self-Service Overview

NHIS Market Analysis

NHIS Pricing Guide

Creating Charts and Dashboards

NHIS Data Export

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