Denial Management

Denial Screenshot PC

See What You’re Missing. Recover More Revenue

Improving the denial management process helps recover more revenue.  Learn how healthcare organizations improve the denial process by proactively monitoring payer analytics, claims denial reason codes, denials by provider and top denials.  Intuitive dashboards with data-rich filtering capabilities allows users to seamlessly drill down into specific use cases to examine denials by payer, timeframe or reason code.  

All claims data is refined down to the claim line detail so users can see specific details in the claim line like modifiers, adjustments, and more.  Data can be easily exported to .csv format, allowing the data to be further manipulated and categorized.  


Intuitive Self-Service Analytics

Intuitive self-service reporting enables you to always have data at your fingertips to create your own dashboards, reports, and analysis on the fly with access to all claims data. Easily filter on claims details, create dashboards and share these reports with other users.

Common Denial Use Cases

Easily identify the top 5 most common denials use cases by viewing prebuilt dashboard into the system so you never have to guess where to start.

  • Missing / Invalid / Incomplete Data
  • Missing / Invalid / Incomplete Data from Submitted
  • Billed Services Not Covered by Health Plan
  • Benefit for Billed Service Not Separately Payable
  • Outliers
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