Financial Intelligence

Not All Solutions are Created Equal

Don’t trust your organization’s financial health to a one-size-fits-all solution. Our software is designed with healthcare in mind from the very beginning, incorporating client-driven data to create the most effective tools and reporting systems in the medical provider marketplace.

Do More With Less!

As margins in reimbursement continually changes, Healthcare organization’s are now required to do more with less.

The cornerstone of a healthy organization is having sound financial metrics.  Traditionally, those metrics have been house within a General Ledger or Account Payable Module.  Combining data from multiple financial sources like payroll, claims, and expenses provides additional insight into operational cost, value and overarching impact on the organization.  Automating these tasks can save time, money and improve operational efficiencies.


Automate and Cleanse the Data

COMPASS can automatically integrate with your financial package to streamline the data flow saving time and money.

  • Automatic file integration with financial system(s).
  • Business Rules Engine allows to Clean, Transform and Standardize Data for Optimal Analytics.
  • Add in References Tables to bring more insight and meaning to the data.

Healthcare organization's number one expense is labor.  Optimizing labor and staffing levels for fluctuating patient volumes.


Slice and Dice your data into Departmental Revenue views.  Know what activities are driving revenue in each of your departments.


Easily Track and Trend expenses in an Intuitive Dashboard with drill down capability.

Know where you stand versus budget today, tomorrow and in the future.  Leverage the insight to make decisions that positively impact your organization.

Analyze the utilization of services within a healthcare organization department and how that drives revenue for your organization.

Maintain maximum cash flow by understanding Accounts Receivable trends, balances, and Days in A/R impacts the healthcare organization.

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Our Number One-Rated Embedded Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Dashboards

Healthcare dashboards that allow users to drill down to review key performance metrics.

Benchmarking Capabilities

Measure success against national standards.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends.

Self-Service Tools

Easily select data and create your own analysis, dashboards and reports.

Schedule and Share

Schedule reports to auto-run or quickly share analytics/dashboards with other users.

COMPASS is a number one-rated embedded business intelligence tool according to Dresner Advisory Services.

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