Quality Intelligence


Clinical, Cost & Quality

  • Integrate clinical data into COMPASS Data Management to enable intuitive quality analytics
  • Measure KPIs from clinical data sets for improved quality metrics
  • Integrate leading assessment features to capture real time results
  • Reach patients outside the four walls of the provider office via text and email
  • Access real-time feedback to proactively make interventions

Pinpointing the health of a community is often as simple as looking closely at its ZIP Code. Understanding the challenges that exist – from obtaining clean water and nourishing food – to how easily it is to access healthcare services can mean the difference between simply surviving, or thriving.


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Our Number One-Rated Embedded Business Intelligence Tool

Interactive Dashboards

Healthcare dashboards that allow users to drill down to review key performance metrics.

Benchmarking Capabilities

Measure success against national standards.

Predictive Analytics

Leverage predictive analytics to identify trends.

Self-Service Tools

Easily select data and create your own analysis, dashboards and reports.

Schedule and Share

Schedule reports to auto-run or quickly share analytics/dashboards with other users.

COMPASS is a number one-rated embedded business intelligence tool according to Dresner Advisory Services.

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