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Region V Systems Selects COMPASS for Behavioral Health Data Management, Integration and Analytics Solution

Omaha, NE – June 20, 2017  –  H4 Technology, a Nebraska based data management and analytics solution provider serving the healthcare industry, implemented its COMPASS data management platform with Region V Systems. H4 Technology deployed its hosted COMPASS Data Management and Analytics platform for Region V Systems and their providers. The COMPASS Analytics Platform will serve as a core platform used to integrate and analyze consumer demographic, assessment, and outcome data related to mental health and substance use disorder service delivery while facilitating cluster based population health initiatives.

The Region and providers are now able to proactively monitor and drill down into data within their dashboards for National Outcome Measures (NOMS), Clusters (Population Health), Service Delivery, and Assessments. The COMPASS system also provides an option for providers within the region to share non-state funded encounter information to track and see a broader picture of the patient as they move in and out of services as well as funding sources.

The COMPASS platform being implemented includes an enterprise data warehouse, integration technology, interactive dashboards and self-service analytics. Chris Henkenius, CEO of H4 Technology said, “COMPASS allows the Region V Systems real-time access to demographic, population health, service utilization, and outcomes data at their fingertips to enable them to make data driven decisions to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of care that is being delivered.”

About Region V Systems

Region V Systems ( is responsible for the development and coordination of publicly funded behavioral health services within 16 counties in southeastern Nebraska. Region V Systems contributes to the public safety and health of consumers, consumer access to services, availability of high quality and cost-effective behavioral health services.

Region V Systems:

  • Performs comprehensive planning activities
  • Integrates and coordinates the delivery of services
  • Prepares and administers budgets
  • Monitors System Performance
  • Takes corrective action when necessary.

About H4 Technology

H4 Technology ( is a Nebraska based healthcare data warehouse, integration and analytics company with over 15 years of experience providing healthcare technology solutions. H4 Technology’s background comes from experience implementing technology solutions for Health Information Exchange, Healthcare Systems, Health Plans, and Behavioral Health Organizations.

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