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Co-hosted by Taya Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM & Kem Tolliver, CMPE, CPC, CMOM.


Resources from Our Team and Partners

Revenue Cycle Management: Don't Get Lost in the Financial Maze


Shawntea (Taya) Moheiser, CMPE, CMOM
H4T Business Analyst & Product Owner
Owner, ITS Healthcare, LLC

Kem Tolliver, CMPE, CPC, CMOM
President, Medical Revenue Cycle Specialists, LLC


How does the revenue cycle of a medical practice actually work? It is easy to get lost in all the phases of revenue management, so how does a practice keep it all straight? Proven solutions to optimize revenue cycle are the key, and this primer is a business-critical resource to deliver just that. Whether you’re new to managing the revenue cycle or a seasoned professional, the concepts covered in these pages are key to your success.

Physician, Heal Thy Financial Self: Achieving Mastery Over the Finances of Your Practice

Jill K. Arena

Health ePractices, Managing Partner


Achieving Mastery Over the Finances of Your Practice Do you lay awake at night wondering if your practice is doing well financially? Are you concerned about your reimbursement? Are you thinking that your group could be doing better, but it feels like you’re missing something? Want a big piece of new equipment or an expansion, but not sure it will pencil out? Or, do you shudder every time a financial question comes up? If you answered yes to any of those questions, this book is for you.

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