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Value-Based Reimbursement & Technology

Value-based reimbursement (VBR) in behavioral health is gaining momentum.  In a recent Open Minds survey, one third of specialty provider organizations are participating in a VBR program and 71% report having contracts with ACOs and managed care plans.  This is a growing trend that will continue.

A follow up question was “What will executives need have a successful VBR program in the coming years?”

The top 2 answers were centered around technology.

  1. More and better data management and reporting for managing VBR contracts
  2. A technology infrastructure that supports VBR

Another interesting fact is that Open Minds also found that organizations with more than $50 million in revenue were more likely to participate in VBR.

So large organizations are more likely to participate in VBR and the executives say technology is required to be successful.

  • Is that because they have the financial resources to devote to technology?
  • Larger IT Staff?
  • Existing IT Infrastructure to leverage?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

H4 Technology developed COMPASS for this very reason.   COMPASS, is a data management-as-a-service (DMaaS) cloud-based infrastructure for provider organizations to integrate, measure, and analyze consumer data for value-based care (VBC).  Data is integrated from your EMRs and other siloed systems, cleansed & normalized, then stored for outcomes measurement through business intelligence.    This scalable subscription-based solution, allows any size provider organization the opportunity to participate in any number of VBC or payment reform strategies.   You no longer need large upfront IT investment in hardware, staff, time, and solutions to enter the Value Based Care game.

To see how COMPASS can help your organization, schedule a live demo with one of our consultants or learn more about COMPASS at

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