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Understand Your Data.

The healthcare industry has almost as much data as it does regulatory oversight. The challenge is finding quick methods to identify useful data and provide meaningful insights...

That's where we come in.

Our Products

H4 Technology provides software and services to the healthcare industry to reduce cost, increase revenue, and improve cash flow. Three products that work together to turn your data into information: COMPASS, eobee, and SDoH Encounter Management. ​We have significant experience integrating, transforming, storing, and analyzing data from healthcare systems across the nation. 


Our comprehensive encounter management solution allows users to track key behavioral, social, economic and environmental (SDoH) data, and analyze that data combined with Claims, Financial, EMR data in a leading predictive analytics utility.

Our claims analytics product allows users to deep dive into their Revenue Cycle process to reduce denials, improve cash flow, and track progress on key workflow initiatives. 


Professional Services are also available to work denials, appeal claims, train, and consult, all to improve your revenue cycle performance.

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