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H4 Technology’s COMPASS solution is cloud-based population health management solution for behavioral health organizations. COMPASS aggregates critical behavioral, environmental, and health status data points from EHRs and other systems, then turns this data to intelligence through a sophisticated business intelligence tool for monitoring and reporting outcomes. 

COMPASS SDOH Assessments

Pinpointing the health of a community is sometimes as simple as
looking closely at its ZIP Code.

Understanding the challenges that exist – from obtaining clean water and nourishing food – to how easily it is to access healthcare services can mean the difference between simply surviving, or thriving.

H4 Technology’s data management solutions extend beyond just numbers and algorithms. It gets to the heart of every healthcare transaction to identify opportunities for improvement in the economic and social conditions where people live.

SDOH Encounter Management

  • Encounter based SDOH solution easily integrates with your EMR, Claims, and Other data sources.

  • SaaS based Turnkey Platform with over 2,000 users and 1.5 million members.

  • Industry Leading Assessments Built into the platform.

  • Leverage leading Business Intelligence and Self-Service Analytics solution to analyze and improve outcomes.

SDOH Mobile Assessments

  • Schedule and send assessments to a consumers email or text while enrolled in program.

  • Automatic Reminders sent to consumer complete.

  • Alerts and Notifications on patient assessment changes.

  • Retrieve continuous patient feedback outside of the provider office.

  • Real time results available to provider.

Wait, there's more...

H4 Technology offers a robust and unique set of tools for tracking Social Determinants of Health (SDOH) components in addition to a host of overall population health management support services including:

  • Population Health Management for Behavioral Health Consumers

  • Real Time Access to Data Affecting Healthcare Performance

  • Maximize Reimbursement for Value Based Care Contracts

  • Track Consumer Outcome Measures, Service Utilization, Cluster mix, Emergency Services, NOMS, Readmissions, plus much more.

  • Integrated Assessment Tools

  • Dashboards and Reports for Monitoring State/Federal Reporting Requirements

  • Self Service Tools to Easily Visualize Data

  • Flexible data model to easily add elements as your organization changes

  • Analyze Consumer Assessments, Demographics, Health Status, Trauma History, & Diagnosis

  • Capture Housing, Crisis Response, Emergency Services, Wait List, & System of Care

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